February 7, 2018

Here are the squad listings for the upcoming Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  Please let me know if you need to switch to a different squad.  I will do my best to work with every bowler if possible.

9:00AM 1:45PM 6:30PM
Aries Andy A Aimers Rob B Baker Caleb C
Arment Shane A Balta Drew B Barrett Bryce C
Benslay Ryan A Bannach Bryan B Bartlett Gabe C
Beschorner Zach A Becher Jason B Besler Brett C
Bohlen Quinton A Bedard Jacob B Bock Dan C
Breeden Don A Beres Dave B Boyer C.J. C
Calkins III Kenny A Bidwell Devin B Brandau Cody C
Christie Brad A Blessing Light Trevor B Brice Alex C
Coffey Michael A Boho Brent B Ciaffa Robert C
Corey Justin A Boresch Jacob B Damon Kyle C
Crouse Bradley A Boresch Lennie B Ely Jordan C
Dentlinger Dave A Buelow Andy B Fisher Luke C
Doyle Kamron A Chapman AJ B Gifford Dan C
Duffield Ken A Chavez Jordan B Gilbertson Kevin C
Duncan Kevin A Dodge Brandon B Graham Logan C
Egan Conner A Edwards Wesley B Grinde Gunther C
Engelkes Joe A Fane Josh B Haugh Brennan C
Estes Mike A Flanigan Eddie B Hein Derek C
Francis Christian A Fujita Ronnie B Howard Jim C
Fuller Troy A George Eric B Johnson Aaron C
Galbraith Darin A Gould John B Koerner Taylor C
Goodman Billy A Grondin Joseph B Krol Kyle C
Gosse Jared A Hanrahan Packy B Krueger John C
Halen Bryan A Heilman Nick B Kruml Nick C
Healy Daniel A Hibbard Billy B Lakota Ryan C
Hess Tom A Hill Chris B Lane Michael C
Kacena Mickey A Hoff Stian B Langer Logan C
Kilts Duane A Hupe Mitch B Larsen Cody C
Kohl Tyler A Keeler Steve B Livingston Gary C
Krull Kurt A Keimig Bret B Lovejoy Kodie C
Marsala John A Kilpatrick Gordy B Mesecher Jon C
Martin Alex A Klein Jacob B Miller Rick C
McCann Jeff A Labinski Dave B Miller Tony C
Mesecher Jason A Maas Chad B Monnens Jordan C
Moyle Brandon A Martin Brandon B Munson Hannah C
Olson Greg A McWethy Mike B Pals Craig C
Pepe Anthony A Michalowski Nathan B Pate Nick C
Petrey Justin A Micou Mike B Peverill Kevin C
Pierson Chris A Morse Adam B Porter Mark C
Posnanski Henry A Nelson Chad B Powell Josh C
Prather Kris A Oliva Tony B Ramsden Aaron C
Shaw John A Oulman Dave B Rhodes Zach C
Steen Brandon A Partlow Chris B Richard Jordan C
Tkacz Tommy A Perdieu Lucas B Roth Bryan C
Woelfel Zach A Peters Mike B Rusch Pete C
Young Greg A Pizl Greg B Sramek Brenden C
    A Poli Jason B Stearns Brady C
    A Rangel Sean B Tate Cooper C
    A Rangel Jamie B Taylor Jr Roger C
    A Riley Shawn B Terhune Todd C
    A Ritchie Brent B Trueg Ben C
    A Robarge Jayson B Weberg Nate C
    A Rockwell Lance B Wilson Ryan C
    A Schafer Troy B     C
    A Schalow Jonathan B     C
    A Smith Eric B     C
    A Stenger Mark B     C
    A Stubblefield Ryan B     C
    A Svendson Chad B     C
    A Taylor Steve B     C
    A Vostry Dakota B     C
    A Walsh Tammy B     C
    A Warren Rob B     C
    A Willems Andrew B     C



February 5, 2018

Below is a list of the GIBA members who have bowled at least 4 of our previous tournaments.  These bowlers will be eligible to participate in the Bonus Prize Fund at our upcoming Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open.  The entry fee to participate will be $20.00 and there will be $2500.00 in added money.  If your name is not on this list and you feel it should be, please contact Joe and we will double check.

Bowlers eligible for Bonus Prize Fund
Tom Hess Kenny Calkins III D.J. Breeden
Jacob Bedard Rob Aimers Troy Fuller
Ken Duffield Jason Poli Quinton Bohlen
Duane Kilts Daniel Healy Mike Yaw
Trevor Blessing Light Roger Taylor Jr. Jerad Helmers
Quincy Bruce A. J. Chapman Rod Albright
Russ Cruse Jr. Andy Stone Adam Morse
Shawn Riley Scott Merritt Cody Brandau
Jacob Boresch Dave Dentlinger Luke Fisher
Josh Powell Darin Galbraith Bryan Thompson
Conan Mackey Jonathan Schalow Travis Anderson
Tommy Barnwell Jeff McCann Jordan Ely
Brandon Strait Zach Woelfel Jarad Prescott
Robert Ciaffa Sean Rangel Austin Porter
Greg Olson Matt Schlueter J.J. Seaba
Joe Engelkes Andy Buelow Jeff Richgels
Ryan Wilson Brett Lobdell Bill Mettee
Craig Keith Jeremiah McKeever Jacob Mickelson
Justin Corey Doug Hergenrader Gordy Kilpatrick
Mike Peters Ryan Keith Richard Harwood
Paul Stuart Rick Barlett JD Spaur
Scott Rains Chuck Schuette Rylan Pearson
Mike McWethy Kyle Anderson Jon Mesecher



January 31, 2018

Here is the estimated prize fund for our upcoming Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open based on 150 entries.

Estimated Prize Fund (based on 150 entries)
1 $2,600.00 26 $320.00
2 $2,000.00 27 $310.00
3 $1,500.00 28 $310.00
4 $1,200.00 29 $300.00
5 $1,000.00 30 $300.00
6 $800.00 31 $290.00
7 $700.00 32 $290.00
8 $700.00 33 $280.00
9 $600.00 34 $280.00
10 $600.00 35 $270.00
11 $560.00 36 $270.00
12 $540.00 37 $260.00
13 $520.00 38 $260.00
14 $500.00 39 $250.00
15 $480.00 40 $250.00
16 $460.00 41 $250.00
17 $440.00 42 $240.00
18 $420.00 43 $240.00
19 $400.00 44 $240.00
20 $380.00 45 $230.00
21 $360.00 46 $230.00
22 $350.00 47 $230.00
23 $340.00 48 $220.00
24 $330.00 49 $220.00
25 $320.00 50 $220.00
Total $24,660.00



January 8, 2018

This coming Saturday is the annual Fort Dodge Ford/Calisesi Chiropractic Open at Ridgewood Lanes in Fort Dodge.  I currently have 82 bowlers who have reserved spots which leaves 14 spots left to fill.  The 9:30 AM squad has 6 open spots, and the 2:30 PM squad has 8 openings to fill.  The entry fee for this tournament is only $60.00 and it features a guaranteed top prize of $1000.00 due to the great support from the title sponsors.  If you plan on bowling and have not reserved a spot, please contact me right away and I can get you added to the list.  
I am also taking reservations for the GIBA Doubles coming up on February 3rd, and the Triple Elimination on February 4th.  Both of those events will be held at Leisure Lanes in Davenport.  
Our final tournament of this season will be the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open coming up on February 10 & 11 at Cadillac XBC in Waterloo.  This will be the final point event as well.  As part of this tournament, we will once again offer a bonus prize fund for members who have bowled at least 4 of our prior tournaments this season.  This bonus prize fund has an entry fee of $20.00, and we will have $2500.00 in added prize money going into that fund.  The bonus prize fund is paid out using scores from the Saturday qualifying only and will feature at least a 1:3 payout ratio.  We will also give out the final point list prizes following the completion of the tournament.  We should have approximately 16 bowling balls and a couple of three ball roller bags to give out as prizes this year thanks to the tremendous support we receive from Ebonite International as our bowling equipment sponsor.  The top point earner for this season will once again receive a paid entry into the USBC Masters or a $400.00 cash prize whichever they choose.  The flyer for the final tournament can be seen here.
Thanks for your continued support of our tournaments, and I look forward to seeing everyone over the next month as we close out another GIBA season!!



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